While the world locked down, smart shipping ramped up.

Overnight in 2020, shipping became a lifeline for consumers. CloudSort was already helping companies deliver more goods, quicker–and Loka was proud to be a part of it.

CloudSort helps companies group and route shipments in a smarter way, creating fewer hand-offs and faster deliveries. Historically, logistics have been a difficult industry to change. But in a year that saw shipping change forever, CloudSort was poised to help companies rethink their delivery systems by making smarter choices about how shipments move through it.

At the heart of the CloudSort offering is their cloud-based sortation software platform. For companies like UPS and TSA, this powerful technology unlocks capacity in their shipping networks while lowering costs and transit times. All of this is delivered through an intuitive web app designed by Loka, for humans (not just engineers).

Loka plays a fundamental role in CloudSort’s success, not only by building their software, but also for providing general IT guidance and best practices–designing the best roadmap for their product. Loka’s vast experience with Cloud-native systems and Machine Learning solutions made this partnership very natural and efficient.

Loka’s team has built an incredibly flexible system that will allow CloudSort to experiment and support all types of business. In a year that shook the landscape of shipping forever, CloudSort and Loka are helping many companies unlock their full potential.

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