Grocers are eliminating food waste by the billions.
  • - Grocery stores lose billions in food waste & lost profits every year
  • - 40% of food & beverage revenue in grocery stores comes from fresh food
  • - Afresh is the first AI-powered fresh food optimization platform
  • - Grocers using Afresh have increased fresh gross margins by 4% & reduced food waste by up to 50%

Grocery stores are the cornerstones of our communities, but they’re losing billions of dollars every year from food waste and under stocking.

Order too many fresh foods, and they get tossed. Order too few, and grocers lose out on substantial sales. Enter Afresh – the first AI-powered fresh food optimization platform.

“In my 20 years running grocery businesses, I have honestly never seen a tool that is so easy for the store teams to use for fresh food ordering." - James McCann, CEO of Food Retail Ventures

Afresh hired Loka to help support their fresh-first approach to order forecasting, merchandising and store operations solutions. By looking at purchase and ordering data from years past, and applying ML techniques, the AI-powered app is already significantly reducing food waste, increasing food freshness, accelerating stock turns, and improving grocers’ top and bottom lines.

Loka worked in lockstep with the grocery disruptor, adding back end data engineering, ML, DevOps, and front end engineering, and a bit of design. The cutting-edge AI solutions are already proving revolutionary.

Grocery chains like Ohio-based Heinen’s are increasing fresh food sales by 3%, reducing in-store waste by up to 50%, and increasing fresh gross margins by 4 percentage points. In partnership with its multiple U.S. grocery customers, Afresh is already ordering billions of dollars of fresh food annually.

"The KPIs they are delivering are truly
game changing.” - McCann

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