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Covid-19 patients and policy makers are seeing which hospitals are hitting capacity.
When it comes to health outcomes for issues like Covid-19, zip code is more important than genetic code.
Loka helped launch the Community Health Management Hub, or CHM Hub – a platform that harnesses community to inform our health like never before. This unrivaled insight gives healthcare providers the ability to not only look at who people are, but where their issues live.

The CHM Hub is an analytics dashboard (think Google maps with medical information) that helps everyone from physicians to patients to policymakers shine a light on behavioral trends and environmental patterns in incredible local detail.
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With the support of Loka’s information design and big data engineering, health leaders are understanding a myriad of health metrics, including which regions don’t have enough hospitals and primary care facilities. These insights are shifting the focus away from the clinic and into the community, so we can solve problems instead of just identity them.

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