Hungry for a
healthy DoorDash?

“Food deserts” are areas that lack adequate access to fresh foods. They’re one of the key factors determining the health of Americans. BCBS Institute wants to eliminate food deserts. We were excited to help.

With the support of Loka engineers, BCBSI launched foodQ: A pilot program that gives people easy access to affordable, nutritious foods to improve health outcomes, particularly diet-related, while reducing avoidable emergency room visits and hospital admissions. Loka was involved from day 1: Building, launching and maintaining the app.
Our expertise in design, front end development, ML on backend and devops led to its immediate success. In the first 6 months of the foodQ program, more than 35,000 healthy and affordable meals were delivered to food deserts in Chicago and Dallas. BCBSI gained valuable insights to further enhance and improve food and nutrition delivery programs into the future.

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